Advanced Water treatment Systems in collaboration with Elgressy Israel

We are glad to announce our latest venture into Water Treatment Technologies in collaboration with Israel company called Elgressy.

This company was established is year 1987 and now with help of Daybreak they are venturing out.

We have already put a team in place to handle these products . The products are simple and effective. The installation is on Plug and Play basis.

Almost zero maintainability except replacement of few parts, nothing else is required.

Elgressy offers a paradigm shift in water and wastewater treatment delivering novel electrochemical systems for treating water effectively, economically and ecologically.

In 1995, EST – cooling tower treatment technology was developed to address the problem of massive water wastage in cooling towers in Israel, when water was an exceptionally scarce commodity.

The company' product portfolio has since grown and includes distinctive and valuable systems suitable for various water treatment applications including Legionella prevention, corrosion remediation and electrocoagulation/oxidation waste-water treatment.

Elgressy systems have been adopted by multi-national corporations and institutions worldwide, and are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and 5452 standards.

Please find below brief points on our product range. Please also find attached relevant catalog of EST and Data collection form. If you can fill up the same, we can suggest proper systems.

EST – Cooling tower treatment offering:

  • Unprecedented water savings
  • 100% elimination of harmful chemicals
  • Short ROI and substantial long-term financial savings
  • Energy savings
  • Problem-free operation
  • Elimination of chemical-related logistics and storage requirements
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Our systems will meet current and future environmental regulations

LPB – Legionella Pneumophila prevention and water disinfection:

  • Operationally superior and reliable solution for water disinfection and Legionella prevention
  • Elimination of Chlorine Dioxide dosing related corrosion problems
  • Savings generated from 100% elimination of chemical dosing, preventing otherwise corroded pipes and lower maintenance requirements
  • Ecological

ECP – Corrosion control:

  • ECP provides a much-needed solution to corrosion in pipes
  • Savings generated – all corrosion related savings
  • Ecological

EEC – Wastewater treatment:

  • Operationally effective solution for the removal of unwanted elements
  • On-site wastewater treatment with no need for transporting the wastewater for treatment
  • Savings generated from chemical elimination and improved operations
  • Ecological