Teflon Bellows

The location of bellow along with the center of the pipe is must and to solve that problem, we have designed split location rings. Anyone can insert the location ring to bring the bellow in center. this way the life of bellow increases and unnecessary ruptures can be avoided. Our deep knowledge in mechanical seal has helped us to evolve this design.We design bellows in Teflon and SS-316 for mechanical seal and we have learnt the things hard way.

The MOC of connecting flange is Engineered PP and split rings are of the same material. The flanges are available in all standards including JIS standard.The length is also available up to 8" between flanges.

The bellows are available from 1" onwards and flange to flange distance can be anything up to 200mm

  • Pressure ratings for sizes from 1" to 3" is 6kg/cm2 and full vacuum.
  • Pressure ratings for sizes from 4" onwards is 4 to 5 kg/cm2 and full vacuum.
  • We can supply high pressure bellows up to 10 kg/cm2.