Slurry Seals

Part No. Description
A Seal Face
B O-Ring
C Pin
D Sleeve
E Stationary Seat
F O-Ring
G Spring
H Washer
I Throttle Bush
J Assembly Fixture
K Shrink Disc
L Gland
Seal Characteristics Materials
Single Seal Seal Faces : Carbon, SiC, Tung. Carbide
Balanced Metal Parts : SS304, SS316, Hasetlloy-C, Alloy 20
Cartridge Unit O-rings : Viton, Nitrile
Independent of direction of rotation  

Type DB CT-100 is a compact cartridge balanced seal specially developed for handling slurries, sludge, thick syrups and polymerising fluids. In the cartridge construction the springs are isolated from the fluid enhancing the seal life. After detaching of the location plates provided, the seal can be easily installed straight away without setting measurements. Type CT-100 is a study, robust, seal capable of maintenance free runs for

Performance Range
  • Shaft Diameter d1 : 20...150mm
  • Pressure p : 25 bar (max)
  • Temperature t : -20...180° C
  • Velocity v : 20 m/sec
  • Pulp&Paper
  • Slurry pumps
  • Sludge pumps