Sealless Magdrive Centrifugal Pumps

Pump Model   DB-MB-15
Connection Suction 14mm Hose Type
Discharge 14mm Connection
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 15
Max.Head (Meter) 2.5
Std.Duty Point Q/H 8 LPM/2 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.1
Motor/Kw 34 Watt
Phase Ø
Pump Model   DB-MB-30
Connection Suction 18mm Hose Type
Discharge 18mm Hose Type
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 30
Max.Head (Meter) 3.4
Std.Duty Point Q/H 22 LPM/2 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.1
Motor/Kw 46 Watt
Phase Ø
Pump Model   DB-MB-50
Connection Suction 20mm Hose Type
Discharge 20mm Hose Type
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 50
Max.Head (Meter) 4.5
Std.Duty Point Q/H 30 LPM/3 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.2
Motor/Kw 65 Watt
Phase Ø
Pump Model   DB-MB-85
Connection Suction 26mm Hose Type
Discharge 26mm Hose Type
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 85
Max.Head (Meter) 9.5
Std.Duty Point Q/H 40 LPM/3 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.2
Motor/Kw 195 Watt
Phase Ø 1Ø - 3 Ø
Pump Model   DB-MB-115
Connection Suction 26mm Hose Type
Discharge 26mm Hose Type
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 100
Max.Head (Meter) 11.5
Std.Duty Point Q/H 50 LPM/7 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.3
Motor/Kw 300 Watt
Phase Ø 1Ø - 3 Ø
Pump Model   DB-MB-300
Connection Suction 1 1/2" BSP Female
Discharge 1 1/4" BSP Male
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 280
Max.Head (Meter) 20
Std.Duty Point Q/H 12M3/hr.10 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.4
Motor/Kw 1.1KW
Phase Ø 3 Ø
Pump Model   DB-MB-520
Connection Suction 2" NPT Male
Discharge 1 1/2" NPT Male
Max.Flow (Ltrs/Min) 520
Max.Head (Meter) 26
Std.Duty Point Q/H 12M3/hr.20 Mtr
Sq. Gr. Limit 1.3
Motor/Kw 2.2KW
Phase Ø 3 Ø
Typical Magdrive Pump Construction
Pump Parts GF VF
Volute Casing GFR-PP PVDF
Impeller GFR-PP PVDF
Rear Casing GFR-PP PVDF
'O' Ring FKM FKM
Shaft AI20399,7% AI20399,7%
Front-Thrust Washer AI20399,7% AI20399,7%
Bust-Thrust Bearing AI20399,7% AI20399,7%
Material Label
GFR-PP Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyproplene
PVDF Polyvinilidenefluoride
GFR-PTFE Glass Fibre Reinforced Polytetrafluoroethylene
CFF-PTFE Carbon Fibre Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene
AI20399,7% Alumina Ceramic at 99, 7% (high purity)
FKM Fluorinated Elastomer (p.e: VITON)
EPDM Ethylene-Propylene Rubber
FEP Fluorinated, Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer
Dimensions in mm

DB-MG-15 40 60 96 116 40 28 55 110 14 14 45 225
DB-MG-30 40 60 96 116 38 30 56 115 18 18 45 235
DB-MG-50 40 60 96 116 54 44 56 124 20 20 60 290
DB-MG-85 55 65 115 142 54 58 81 170 26 26 85 302
DB-MG-115 55 65 115 142 64 58 81 170 26 26 102 350
DB-MG-300 0 60 100 144 80 58 114 250 11/2" BSP 11/4" BSP 215 490
DB-MG-520 90 105 202 245 95 61 120 270 2"NPT 11/2" NPY 230 610
General Performance Curves
Advanced Magnetic Technology

LState-of-the-art magnetic technology provides a safe and reliable pump for difficult applications. A magnetic coupling consists of two magnet assemblies. One is the outer assembly (the drive magnet) and other is the inner assembly (the driven magnet). The outer assembly is connected to a motor and the inner assembly is directly attached to a pump impeller. When load is applied, the coupling effects angularly and magnets create a force which is used to transfer torque from the motor to the impeller. This permanent magnet coupling creates neither slippage nor induction current during rotation. There is no energy loss in this permanent - permanent magnet coupling. 'Daybreak' pumps have an inner magnet assembly which is directly molded into the impeller.

Engineered For Environment Safety

Daybreak offers magnetic drive chemical pumps which safety handle hazardous, highly corrosive, explosive and toxic chemicals. They provide safe, leak proof service because the magnetic coupling eliminates the need for traditional sealing methods, such as mechanical seals or gland packing. Which is the main source of leakage problems on pumps. As a result, down time and maintenance cost are greatly reduced. And there are no warn signs to replace.

These pumps are available in GRP-PP,PVDF for maximum chemical resistance. The lastest range has been created in SS-316-L,Hastelloy-C and Alloy-20
Daybreak' Magnetic drive chemical process pumps offer many benefits.

  • Minimizes exposure of your personnel to hazardous chemicals.
  • Eliminates contacting seal faces which are prone to wear and leakage.
  • Provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • Eliminates costly seal flush systems required on all pumps with double mechanical seals.
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs through extended service intervals.
  • Eliminates alignment problems inherent in direct-coupled units.
  • They are ideal for vaccum service and transfer of expensive, toxic, radio active, hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

Seal-less features make these pumps perfect for environments subject to federal regulations.

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile Processing & Dye Baths Electroplating, Various Metal Rcovery Systems, Metal Finishing, Color Photo Procesing, T.V.Tube Processing, Food Processing: Dairies, Soft Drinks, Beverages, X-Ray Film, IC Photo Engraving Process/PCB Plants, Refrigeration & Chilling Plants,Water Treatment Plants, Galvanizing/Anodizing Plating Plants, Etching/Spark Erosion Machines & many more....where pump leakage must be avoided.