Potable Drum Stirrer

A universal stirrer for 20 to 210 LTR. Drums with small bung hole. Easy to rapid. Ideal for stirring up suspensions and mixing in additives.

Available in different combinations
M.O.C SS - 304, SS -316, PP lined & PVDF lined
Motor Electric or Pneumatic
Impeller Propeller type and folded blade
Mounting  Direct mounting or with stand
Pneumatic Stirrer With Folded Blade Fit Easily In The Bung Hole


  • It is possible in a matter of seconds to fit the drum mounting on to even deformed screw cap drums, to insert the stirrer shaft through the bunghole, center it and secure it in position. Pneumatic drum agitators are distinguished by their functional design, ease of handling and robust construction.
  • The powerful air motor permits stirring of dye stuffs, solvents, and even viscous media effortlessly without constant attention of an operator.
  • The centrifugal agitator inserted through the banghole is inclined to achieve optimum stirring action in the center of the drum. In addition, it is possible to incline the stirrer in required degrees to the left or right.