High Performance Seal Hardware

Precision Machined Shafts Precision Machined Gland Box & Sleeves Teflon Coated Hastelloy Springs
Hexlloy Grade Silicon Carbide 99.97 grade Pure Ceramic TTV 'O' Rings Pure & Flexible Graphite Packings
Ceramic Sleeves
Daybreak High Performance Seal Hardware

Daybreak in it's quest to provide perfect solutions for sealing technology has set up a separate division for High Performance Seal hardware. Often it is observed that seal failure is due to bad sleeve, inaccurate machined shaft or wrong selection of seal hardware like springs.

In order to provide the correct hardware Daybreak designs, manufactures and supplies variety of hardwear required for various equipments.

  • Precision machined shaft for pumps in SS-316,SS-316-L,Alloy-20,and Hastelloy
  • Precision machined shaft sleeves
  • Ceramic sleeves
  • Solid Silicone Carbide sleeve
  • Load tested springs in Hastelloy, Alloy-20, SS-316
  • Teflon coated springs and other hardware like half clamps, Cap screws etc.
  • Pure & Flexible Graphite for Temperature range upto 800 C
  • Mild Steel Nut Bolts molded with protective cover of PP, PVDF and Teflon